How to program genie garage door opener?

If you have Genie wireless keypad this article will walk you through the programming of genie wireless keypad and mounting process. It is recommended to complete the programming of the keypad before mounting.

Activate the keypad by opening the battery compartment pulling the protective tab and reinstalling the compartment door. Programming will not be lost when replacing batteries after programming is complete. Check How to program chamberlain garage door opener?

Check this video of programming wireless keypad.

Before programming genie remote

Before we begin programming the keypad we will review the buttons and indicators. At the top is the program key below that is an LED indicator and finally the numbered keypad with the up/down key. The LED will flash each time a key is pressed and entry is accepted.

The LED and programmed key will flash slowly while the number pad backlight remains on for 15 seconds indicating a successful program or a valid pin has been entered.

The LED programme key and number pad backlight will flash rapidly indicating a problem with programming or if an invalid pin is entered. You will need to wait 15 seconds until the backlight shuts off to re-enter a valid PIN or reset the keypad programming.

If the keypad has already been programmed or at any time the programming should be erased and started over from the factory default follow these steps.

Press and hold the program and up/down keys together for approximately 5 seconds the LED will flash twice and all lights will go out indicating the keypad has been reset.


 Step 1: Programming the new genie keypad to the opener

First locate the programming or learn code button on your garage door opener. These buttons are typically on the bottom of the openers facing the floor under the light bulb cover or on the rear of the unit facing away from the garage door. Once your opener enters programming or learn code mode you will have 30 seconds to complete the next step.

If your opener has a square programming button press and hold it until the round LED turns blue the round LED will go out and a logo LED will begin to flash purple.

 If your opener has a learned code button press and release the button once and the red LED will begin to flash the existing factory default pin for this keypad is 3 5 7 press 3 5 7 on the keypad and then the up/down key 3 to 4 times slowly until the garage door begins to move. The keypad is now programmed to operate this opener.

Step 2:  Changing the pin

Enter the current pin and press the program key enter a new pin of your choice between three and eight digits. Long press the program key, your PIN has now been changed and the previous pin will no longer work.

Step 3: Programming the keypad for multiple openers

 If you have more than one garage door opener, the following steps will walk you through the process of adding up to two more openers to the keypad.

Repeat these steps for each additional door enter your current PIN. Press the program key twice the LED will start blinking once per second.

Enter the total number of openers that the keypad will be operating either 2 or 3 push the program key the LED will blink twice and shut off.

Press and hold a programming button or press and release the learn code button on your garage door opener any LED will begin to blink. Enter your PIN on the keypad press the up/down key push the number of the desired door either 2 or 3 press the up/down button three or four times slowly until the garage door operates.

Repeat this step for each additional door step for operating the openers with the keypad for single door operation.

Enter your PIN press the up/down key and the opener will operate for multiple door operations enter your PIN push the up/down key. Press the number key that corresponds with the desired door either 2 or 3 the opener will operate.

Step 4: Mounting the keypad

The keypad must be mounted within sight of the garage door or doors at least 5 feet above the floor and clear of any moving door parts.

First remove the battery cover and batteries next drill a 3/32 inch pilot hole for the top mounting screw. Install the included screw into the pilot hole make sure you leave a 1/8 inch gap between a screw head and the wall hook the slotted mount. On the back of the keypad over the screw mark and drill another 3/32 inch pilot hole for the bottom mounting screw.

Secure the keypad to the wall do not over tighten the screws reinsert the batteries and battery cover optional programming setting a temporary pin.

The temporary pin will operate the garage door opener or openers until the original pin is used. Use of the original pin will delete the temporary pin. Enter the current pin press the program key three times and they’re a temporary pin between three and eight digits long press the program key the temporary pin is now active.

I hope this this article of programming genie garage door opener helped you. If you have any questions during the setup process, please contact us.

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