Genie StealthDrive 750 reviews

Genie stealth 750 garage door opener review

Genie has been manufacturing garage door openers since the early 50’s and is a well known name in every household. The company manufactures various models that cater to different segments of people and according to their needs the models are stacked up. This article covers Genie stealth 750 review by customer who used for 1 year.

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There are various models available from Genie and today we are going to talk about the fast moving product Genie stealth drive 750. The product is quite powerful in performance with 1 ¼ motor along with a battery backup system put in place as well.

It is an upgrade from the earlier version of Genie called silentmax 750 and has overcome the shortfall which silentmax 750 lacked. Let’s discuss further in detail as follows. 

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Ease of Use



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  • 1 ¼ HP powered motor
  • Affordably priced
  • Highly secured with vacation lock provided
  • Battery backup available
  • Rolling code technology


  • Not a Wifi enabled device

Genie Stealth 750 review

Genie StealthDrive

Specifications and Features of StealthDrive 750:


As already stated the device is power packed with 1 ¼ hp motor which is able to lift heavy duty garage doors and suits the mid range customers as well. More powerful is the output of the garage door opener. One can be assured that Genie provides world class garage door openers and the users can rely on this trusted brand.

The motor of the device decides how much weight can it lift and how efficient is the performance as well. This is a belt drive garage door opener which is also very quiet in operation and one would not know that the garage door is in operation as it is noiseless.


The belt drive garage door openers are smooth in operation and can run for longer duration without affecting the performance of the garage door opener. To sum it up would say the motor of Genie stealth 750 is good and matches to the expectations of the consumers.

Safety Sensors:

Every garage door opener should keep in mind the safety and security of people who operate the garage door opener. Genie which is usually good at safety and security features has not disappointed the consumers in this model too. Genie stealth 750 is adequately equipped with hi-tech technology that ensures complete safety of the people who operate the opener.

rolling code technology

The technology used by Genie is known as rolling code technology which invokes new code each and every time the garage door is operated. This way strangers would not be able to break and enter the garage door easily. Hence Genie ensures complete safety of the living space and the vehicle too.

Vacation lock

Genie also provides vacation lock to the owner, which means when the owner is on a vacation with family, vacation lock can be deployed to the living space and be rest assured about the safety and security of the vehicle and the living space too. The customer can relax and enjoy the vacation as well with Genie vacation lock system.

Genie StealthDrive 750 reviews

Battery backup:

Genie has made a huge improvement from its previous models. In Genie stealth 750 it has provided battery backup which the consumers dearly need in their garage door openers. Battery backup as it sounds provides the much needed power booster in times of power outages, a total blackout etc. 

Genie stealth 750 is provided with battery backup and users have appreciated that Genie has heard their views and have implemented the request in this model. Though the thought of having battery backup in their model is late, nevertheless the customers have welcomed this move and are raring to purchase this model of Genie.

One should realize that battery backup garage door openers are in demand and any company which does not offer would lose business and potential customers in every segment. In my view Genie has made the right decision in providing battery back up in Genie stealth 750 model.


Along with Genie Stealth Drive 750, you will receive accessories like two number of pre-programmed three-button garage door opener remotes, a wireless keypad to open the garage door with Pin, vacation lock and light control button.


This smart garage door opener system has built-in Aladdin Connect technology. This feature gives you so many uses like monitor, open and close your garage door using your smart phone even you are at office i.e anywhere.

And also you can control garage door opener using voice with Alexa or google assistant.

Install easily: 

It is provided with lightweight, five piece rail system that allows you to install very easily. 



The drawbacks that i would like to highlight is that the Genie stealth is not a wifi enabled device. If the user needs to make the stealth 750 a smart one, then he/she needs to purchase the Aladdin connect device separately to connect to the garage door opener. This may add to the cost of the garage door model purchased.

Also the device lacks certain features like timer to close and lights turn on when the user enters the garage. These features are mostly available in different garage door companies, but Genie for the reasons best known to them has not included such features in their models.

Easy Install / Programming Video Genie Stealth 750 Garage Door Opener


When it comes to the durability of Genie garage door openers, they provide one of the best warranty on the planet and that is also one of the reasons that people throng to purchase the Genie garage door opener models either online or through offline stores. Warranty is an important aspect of any product.

Genie stealth 750 provides limited lifetime warranty for the motor and belt with one year of accessory warranty. Considering that the motor and belt are the major parts of the garage door opener, it makes sense for the company to provide a limited lifetime warranty for the same. Motor and the belt is the one which lifts the garage door opener and hence has to unleash the power of the system.

There are high chances that the system can collapse due to negligence of the owner. Sometimes the owner may make the opener to lift garage doors than the specified capacity and can lead to trouble. This should be avoided and taken care of that this would not happen again as the motor and belt may loosen and start to function awkwardly.

Alternatives to Genie stealth drive 750

Below are the alternative models and brands to stealth drive 750.

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Genie since their early days have steadily improved on their models and has become a household name in the entire universe which provides high end garage door openers with affordably priced products.

Genie stealth 750 is also in the same category as other products from the brand and also has a decent market share among it’s rivals. Read what Amazon customers are saying about stealth 750.

Genie provides battery backup, a highly secured device which would help the owners when they are away from their premises, a vacation lock, rolling code technology etc. It does lack an important feature namely wifi connectivity which is required in today’s connected world.

Without a wifi setup the owner needs to use the remote to open the garage door opener. Genie stealth 750 is a recommended product and should go for it without any question in the mind is my view.

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