Genie garage door opener troubleshooting and repair solutions

Genie garage door openers are a convenient and a much desirable solution for all homeowners who hate stepping out of the car to open/close the garage door. One press on the remote control button and the garage door opens magically for you – drive in and park your vehicle without a hassle. If inspected and maintained on a regular basis, the door opener is sure to offer you unfaltering service for years to come.

Yet, like all other machines, it can show signs of trouble at any point of time. Keeping yourself updated about Genie garage door opener troubleshooting can help you to take on the garage door repair by yourself before giving a call to a professional.

Opener does not function from the Wall Console

If this happens, make sure that you check the Lock Switch on the console and eliminate any chances of it being engaged. Resetting the circuit breaker can also help the opener run.

Door does not operate even if the opener runs

The carriage must be engaged properly to the carriage slide – check that out. Also verify if the carriage Lever is placed in the Lock position. Your opener might also need a replacement coupler, if the screw drive mechanism has a hooped coupler.

Door runs with no rhyme or reason

This can happen due to a short circuit of the mechanism. Check the remote control settings. Swipe out all pre-set codes from the remote memory and reset it. Verify the Force Adjustments of the door opener, check the switch settings along with the alignment and adjustment of the doors. Problems in spring, roller or safety eyes can make your garage door run in the most erratic manner. It can run without command, start and then suddenly halt before closing down, start and then reverse back, run either open or closed, etc. Cleaning the opener and removing any obstruction in the way can also help to a great extent.

In many cases, it has been seen that safety features are set off by the door opener when there is Genie garage door opener troubleshooting. In such cases, it is best to call for professional help for genie garage door opener repair, as adjusting the safety settings on your own can be dangerous enough.

Manufacturers of genie garage doors recommend periodic inspection and service of the genie garage door opener to keep troubleshooting away. Following the maintenance information on the owner’s manual can also help your garage door to stay and behave properly for many years to come.

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