Garage door opener troubleshooting and tips for repair

Most homeowners do not spare a second thought to the garage door opener and its mechanism until it starts giving problems. Most of us have got used to the swift mechanisms of the electronic garage door and its remote controlled opening and closing, which has helped us to do away with all the manual hassles attached to it.

It is only when the garage door does not dance to our tunes of remote operation that we realize that there is some garage door opener troubleshooting which needs to be taken care of. Most of the problems in garage doors can actually be traced to the mechanism of the opener and minor repair of the same can bring it back to its track.

Garage door opener troubleshooting

Garage door opener troubleshooting can pop its head up in many ways. The first thing that you might notice is that your garage door is not responding to the remote.  Check if the power supply is on. Unplug the cord and plug it back again. Try the remote again. If there is still no movement, check out if the remote batteries need replacement.  If so, replace and punch the remote again. In case the door still stands frozen, you might be having one or more of the following problems listed below.

Sometimes, the garage door simply refuses to open. Or it can also open unsteadily, randomly and unpredictably. If this happens, then there is definitely some problem with the sensors, alignment or adjustment of the doors.

Springs/Rollers support and lift the full weight of the garage door and any misalignment in the spring or if anything is stuck in the roller or it is broken, garage door openers repair by a professional is a must.

Other minor problems like the garage door reversing or making noise are also common and can be fixed by the owner himself.  Technological advances have made dealing with the garage door opener troubleshooting much easier as most of them now have indicators which reveal the problem and also extend out handy tips to overcome these.

But for major problems, it is recommended that you promptly call for a garage door openers repair professional who can inspect, identify and mend the problem with expertise. A garage door is a major contributor towards your property and vehicle safety and neglecting it can cost you much more than a simple repair.

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