Chamberlain B970 Garage door opener review

Chamberlain is one of the leading garage door opener companies in the world and produces world class products which are made available to the customers of different segments. In this post, we have written very detailed review of Chamberlain B970.

Chamberlain produces basic to mid-level to premium products which are affordable within different segments of customers all over the globe. The product features are very customer centric and designed in such a way that the consumer would definitely opt for the garage door opener. Check Best selling garage door openers at amazon.

Today we are going to review one of the fast moving product B970 which is very powerful in performance and efficiently handles the operations required to operate the garage door opener. Let us look further into the features of Chamberlain B970 garage door opener model as follows.

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Quick Overview of Chamberlain B970 



Ease of Use


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  • 1-1/4 HP powered motor
  • Timer to close
  • Lights on when user enters the garage
  • Smartphone controlled
  • Wifi Enabled device
  • Safety sensors


  • Slightly higher priced
  • Compatibility issues
Buy B970

Chamberlain B970 review

Chamberlain B970 is the top rated garage door opener and many customers prefer this. We recommend you to read Chamberlain B1381 Vs B970. Also check difference between Liftmaster vs chamberlain myq vs genie.

Chamberlain B970

Specifications and Features of B970:

Wifi Enabled:

Today’s garage door openers are provided with Wifi connectivity which can be easily connected to the home network and operated with help of smartphones. The connectivity of the device with Wifi home network is really a good feature which makes the work of consumers easy to operate the garage door opener.

Today the world is connected with many systems and Wifi enabled devices are a boon to consumers which Chamberlain is providing with ease. The Wifi enabled device is easy to operate and helps both the adults and senior citizens to use the system effectively within the premises and via the smartphone connectivity.

There are certain compatibility issues with the Homelink car systems which the garage door opener is facing with, but nevertheless the B970 is a top notch device and does a commendable job in offering the services to their consumers with the Wifi enabled garage door opener effectively.


B970 is powered by 1-1/4 HP motor which is powerful enough to lift high grade garage doors made up of any material. More the power better the performance of the device. B970 is belt driven system which uses Max power lifting systems which is one of the best in the world. 

Max lifting systems does provide the required power to lift heavy duty doors up to 7 feet in length. If user needs to lift more than 7 feet doors, then they can use extension kits available in the market that is to be purchased separately. The device is also easy to install and if not understandable, the customers can view the manual and also install the device easily.

The garage door opener is very quiet in nature and is one of the noiseless devices available in the market to suit the customer’s needs. Read article on the best silent garage door openers.

Customers would extremely feel happy with this belt driven powerful performance motor to operate the garage door. Read belt drive garage door openers reviews.

Timer to close:

Chamberlain provides good garage door openers and one among them is B970 which also has the feature timer to close which is crucial by any standards. Timer to close feature is used where the user can set recurring schedules to close the garage door opener if by chance they had missed closing the garage door. 

This feature in B970 is effective enough to trigger the user to use this facility in case a situation arises where the user indeed needs the timers to close the garage doors within their premises. Consumers can also breathe a sigh of relief in case they have forgotten to close the garage door opener, that’s the timer to close steps in and solve the problem of the consumer with ease.

Lights turn on when entering garage

As the name suggests this feature is to be provided to the consumer in the garage door opener as it is a need in today’s era. When users open and enter the garage, lights have become a need to view the garage during night time and also to move around the garage smoothly.

This facility is indeed important and users can also control when the lights should be turned on/off with help of smartphone control. One can also schedule timers as to when the lights should be turned on/off within the garage premises. This is an excellent feature provided by the Chamberlain b970 device.

The feature is missed in few of the Chamberlain models, but B970 does possess this feature by fulfilling the needs of the users of this device. Indeed the company is to be credited by providing this specification in this model. By scheduling the on/off facility of the lights the device is a top notch in the mid-range to premium segment.

Battery Backup

B970 is provided with another feature called battery backup which the user can use in unprecedented situations. Suppose the user needs to open/close the garage during a power outage and the device is without battery backup, that’s the time a battery backup garage door opener comes in handy for the consumer.

There may be numerous occasions when users face power outages and are forced to wait for the power to be back to open/close the garage door in absence of a battery backup plan. Today most consumers feel the need to have a battery backup garage door opener and B970 solves this major problem of the customers.

​Accessories provided:

B970 is provided with 3-button remote control to operate the garage door opener from their premises with help of the remote control provided by Chamberlain. The remote control is helpful to perform the required operations of garage door openers.

The wireless keypad is another accessory that comes with the device. Today wireless keypads are the hour of the need because in previous years the keypads were corded and would add a lot of stress to the consumers to use the keypad. With the advent of wireless keypads, the customers are relaxed and happy to use the wireless keypads.

Another important accessory provided by Chamberlain with B970 is the battery for the device to operate when there is power outage. The battery provided is a powerful one and can run for long hours in single charge. The battery is really helpful when there is a blackout and the customer is in real need to open/close the garage door opener.


Every device does have drawback and B970 is no less without a drawback. One of the main drawbacks of B970 is the compatibility of the Homelink car system with the system of B970 garage door opener. The users do complain about it and Chamberlain does need to look into this flaw diligently and quickly as possible.

The need to use extension kits is another drawback because the B970 is able to lift doors up to 7ft only. The consumer needs to shed extra bucks to buy the extension kits to lift doors greater than 7ft in length and this is a problem among Chamberlain garage door openers. Nevertheless B970 is a great device. Read this article on Chamberlain B730 Vs B750.


Warranty of Chamberlain products are a class apart with lifetime warranty for belt and motor and 5 years for the parts warranty of the device. Excellent durability of the device makes it amongst the most preferred garage door openers among the consumers across the world over.

Parts warranty is to be invoked when there is wear and tear within the device while operating the garage door opener. This is a natural tendency that parts inside the garage door do tend to wear down due to excessive usage of the device. Hence parts warranty of 5 years is incredible given the frequent usage of the opener.

The belt and motor warranty is one among the best in the industry offered by Chamberlain and deserves applause for the efforts put in to develop a world class device with stupendous durability offered to the customers. Would recommend purchasing the product.

Alternatives to Chamberlain B970 

Below are the alternative models and brands to B970.

  • B1381
  • B550
  • B750

  • Conclusion

    B970 garage door opener is a wonderful device at the onset and wins heart among the customers who have used the device efficiently. Many good and advanced features have been incorporated in the device with fewer drawbacks. One of the exciting features is timer to close offered by Chamberlain to set schedules to close the door in case the user forgets to close the garage door opener. Read what Amazon customers are saying about B970.

    Battery backup is also provided in the device which is very important when there is a power outage or blackout in the area and the customer can employ the battery to open/shut the garage door opener. Battery backed up devices are much in demand and B970 does fit the bill among the consumers. 

    With lights turned on when a user enters the garage facility integrated in the B970 system is good because when the user enters the garage the lights need to be turned on and also the user can set schedules to turn off/on the lights when it is required.

    Overall a good device integrated with advanced features which the consumers are looking forward to affordably priced. Would highly recommend the users to purchase the product. Hope have provided a good insight with the review of B970 garage door opener.

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