Chamberlain B750 Garage door opener review

Garage door openers are widely used by both commercial and residential establishments to secure their home/shop/industry. There are many garage door openers available in the market and the consumers are spoilt for choices to be made. Chamberlain produces excellent garage door openers and today we are going to write Chamberlain B750 review, one of their excellent and fast moving garage door opener referred by most consumers with good features. Check Best selling garage door openers at amazon.

While thinking to purchase a garage door opener many factors are to be taken into account like how much HP is required, do we require a battery backup, should we go for wifi enabled devices, warranty of a product etc. Read the best rated garage door opener models here.

Quick Overview of Chamberlain B750 



Ease of Use


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  • ¾ HP powered motor
  • Timer to close
  • Very quiet device with belt driven
  • Easy to install
  • Affordably priced


  • Lack of battery backup
  • Home link car systems are not compatible with this device

Chamberlain B750 review

Chamberlain B750 is the top rated garage door opener and many customers prefer this.

 Chamberlain B750

Who can Buy Chamberlain B750?:

The Chamberlain B750 garage door opener is quite versatile in nature and is easy to install. The garage door opener is easily install-able by any beginner as well as guys those are already using garage door openers. The Chamberlain B750 is generally made to suit for residential purposes. 

Any laymen can also operate the garage door opener with help of manuals provided along with the product. This garage door opener may not be suited for commercial establishments and should rather look for different products. The product is affordable and is priced well with good features and hence would be preferred by most consumers.

Accessories provided:

Consumers mostly look for accessories along with the product instead of needing to shell out a few extra amounts for the accessories. The Chamberlain B750 comes with 3-button garage door remote, a wireless keypad, wall detecting control panel and most important a safety sensor kit. 

Since B750 is without a battery backup, batteries are not included with the device which is a big drawback. Generally a battery backed up device would help consumers in case there is a power outage in their area and the garage door opener is to be opened / closed then the battery would be very helpful for the user.

Specifications and Features of B750:

Wifi Enabled device:

The Chamberlain B750 is a wifi enabled device which can be easily connected with the home network and can be operated remotely too by the user. This is a very useful feature as one can keep a vigil on their home as to who has entered their premises and left. Also a secure code is sent to the garage door opener for every click which makes the device very secured. 


The device is powered with ¾ HP motor with a belt drive which makes the device very smooth in operation and is also very quiet which most consumers are looking for. The device being quiet makes it more the preferred choice among the consumers. 

Safety Sensor:

The device is fitted with safety sensors which makes it unique where suppose when the garage door is in closing mode and if an object obstructs in its path, the door stops and waits for the obstruction to be cleared to restart the operation from where it left. This is a very useful feature provided by Chamberlain. The B750 is also a smartphone controlled device where the user can access the garage door opener remotely as well. 

Timer to close:

B750 garage door opener does pack a punch with the timer to close feature where the user can set timers to open/close the garage door opener which makes the work of the user easier. 

Lights within the garage:

The lights within the garage also turn on when there is movement within the garage as well when entering the garage. The lights automatically turn off when the user leaves the garage as well. It’s a brilliant feature provided by Chamberlain.


There is a major drawback in the device is the lack of battery backup provided by Chamberlain particularly in this device. This is where consumers may think twice to purchase the garage door opener. One more drawback is that the system is not compatible with Home link car systems.


The warranty of the device is also good with lifetime warranty provided for the belt and motor and 5 years for the parts of the device. All in the entire device is provided with great features and does give a good fight to the rivals.


Alternatives to Chamberlain B750 

In order to provide a better device and overcome the shortfall that B750 garage door opener lacked, Chamberlain did come up with a new device Chamberlain B970 which is more powerful and loaded with extra features as well. 

B970 does have a battery backup which B750 lacked and is taken care of in B970 garage door opener. Also B970 is powered with 1-1/4 motor which can lift heavy garage door openers and is used for residential purposes alone. 

The warranty of the device is also same as that of B750 with lifetime warranty for belt and motor and 5 years for the parts of the device. 

The main inclusion is the battery backup which in itself is a wonderful addition to B970 device. It is slightly priced more than B750 nevertheless if consumers require a battery backup then they would opt for B970.


The Chamberlain B750 garage door opener is packed with exciting features and caters to every need of the consumer keeping in mind their requirements in day to day life activities.

B750 is well received by most consumers and most of them recommend purchasing the device. B750 is powered with ¾ HP with safety sensors and timer to close features which makes it a wonderful device. It caters to every residential garage door user be it from beginner to an expert which is easily installable and easy to use. Read what Amazon customers are saying about B750.

There are few drawbacks like no battery backup provided and is not compatible with Home link car systems as well. Considering the good and bad of the device I would strongly recommend going for the B750 garage door opener as it is an affordable device with good features except for few exceptions that the device lacks. I hope this this review of Chamberlain B750 was useful for making decision buy new garage door opener.

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