Chamberlain B550 Garage door opener review

Chamberlain produces good and efficient garage door openers and one of them in the wings is the B550 opener. It has good features with built in Wifi, decent motor which can lift up to 10 Ft doors with an extension kit. Check Best selling garage door openers at amazon.

Few features like lights on, timer to close are missing in the device which makes it look like an ordinary device but yet it is rated among the best in the mid-range category garage door opener with many preferring the device.

Also the device lacks an important feature like battery back-up, warranty is also decent enough when compared to its rivals. B550 is generally preferred by mid-range customers and hence opt for the device keeping in mind the basic features the garage door opener offers. Let’s have a closer look at the features as follows

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Quick Overview of Chamberlain B550 



Ease of Use


Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener- myQ Smartphone Controlled - Ultra...
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  • 1/2 HP powered motor
  • Affordably priced
  • Smartphone controlled
  • Wifi Enabled device
  • Decent warranty period


  • Lack of battery back-up
  • Compatibility issues
  • Timer to close

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Chamberlain B550 review

Chamberlain B550

Specifications and Features of B550:

Wifi Enabled:

B550 is a Wifi enabled device and can be controlled from the smartphone with help of MYQ app. Wifi enabled feature is a good feature provided by Chamberlain as users can operate the garage door with help of their smartphone from anywhere in the world. 

Wifi enabled devices can be connected to their home network and can operate the device with help of their smartphone. Users can operate the door with the MYQ app installed in the phone and also receive alerts about the opening and closing of the garage door. 

Wifi enabled devices does help the users ranging from adults to senior citizens to open/close the garage door. When the weather outside is bad and if users need to open the garage door, then with the help of a smartphone the user can open the garage door and enter the premises easily. Hence it’s a good device with nice features added.


Chamberlain B550 garage door opener is provided with ½ HP motor power which is decent enough to lift doors of varying sizes with the help of extension kits. It can lift doors up to 10ft in height with extension kits available in the market. Though it lacks the power to lift heavy wooden garage door openers still it is decent enough to survive in the market.

The device is very quiet while in operation and is a belt driven device. The belt is very flexible and easy to operate. The device is also very easy to install and also with help of manuals provided with the device, the user can install the device easily. 

The B550 is decent enough in terms of motor power and can compete with the likes of other mid-range devices available in the market. It does lack certain premium features but is still preferred by the consumers.

Timer to close:

B550 also misses this important feature too called timer to close. This feature provides the consumer with setting the timers to close the garage within their premises. It helps the consumer at times when the user forgets to shut the garage door.

Timers do help the owner of the garage door in tough conditions with bad weather or unprecedented situations which may arise unexpectedly. During those times, a timer to close the facility helps the consumers to shut the door easily. Once the timers are set the consumers can relax and concentrate on other work instead of thinking about closing the garage door. 

B550 lacks this feature sadly offered by Chamberlain. Still would suggest consumers to go for the product as it satisfies the basic needs of garage door opener. Users can look forward to the device as the performance of B550 is on par with other products in the same segment.   

Lights turn on when entering garage

B550 lacks the feature and is a drawback in the garage door opener. It’s a basic garage door opener model and that’s where certain premium features are missing in action with this garage door model of Chamberlain. Still it is opted by many consumers because of the price range it offers and decent enough motor.

Lights turning on when the garage door opener is opened/closed is a feature preferred by most consumers and sadly B550 misses this feature. This feature does help the consumer in moving around the garage during night time. Lights are important in a garage when consumers enter or exit the premises.


B550 is priced decently for the features it has packed in the device. Chamberlain manufactures quality devices with enhanced efficiency with powerful motors. Consumers tend to compare the prices and also the features the device has to offer.

Generally premium segment garage door openers are very high priced devices compared to devices which are packed with decent features sufficient enough for the users to operate the garage door opener.

Based on the features provided by Chamberlain, B550 is priced accordingly where consumers would be happy to purchase a device such as B550 with good yet lacking premium features.

Chamberlain prices their devices keeping in mind the consumer’s needs and develops world class products to cater different segments of people all over the world. Hence the devices are priced based on the quality and features.

Accessories provided:

Chamberlain B550 is provided with decent features and also the accessories involved in the device does include the 3 button remote to control the garage door operation in tandem with the smartphone control too.  The remote is helpful to the user as they can operate the garage door within the premises too.

Wireless keypad is a great accessory provided to the consumer because suppose if the user needs to move around the garage, then wireless keypad makes their work easier rather than corded keypad controls where the users need to move around with the wires all around the garage. It’s indeed a very useful tool and helps the user efficiently. 

Safety sensor kits are too provided with the B550 garage door opener which would ensure that when the door is in closing mode and suppose if there is any obstruction between the operation the door stops and waits for the obstruction to move away with help of the sensors fitted and thus improves the overall security and safety of the premises.


Major drawbacks of B550 would be battery back-up, timer to close and lights turning on, which according to me are a must for any garage door opener. Still basic models do the required work generally a garage door opens. 

Battery back-up facility is employed in cases where there is a power outage and consumers need to operate the garage door to open/close the same. In such situations battery back-up helps the consumer to operate the garage door.

Timers to close and lights turned on also are important features to be provided and depend on the user’s needs like what they are really expecting from the garage door to perform in the price segment they are able to afford.

Lights turn on facility would have provided weight-age to B550 nevertheless it is worth a buy and deserves to be credited with the features Chamberlain is providing for the same.


Warranty of a device plays a crucial role and Chamberlain has taken good care to provide good durability of the device. The motor warranty is up to a period of 10 years and also the belt warranty is for a period of 15 years which in itself is an excellent warranty given to the consumer.

The parts and accessory warranty is for a duration of 1 year which is very good when compared to their arch rivals. Chamberlain provides good warranty for their products and B550 is no less in terms of durability of the device.  More durability better is the confidence of the consumer to purchase the product.

Alternatives to Chamberlain B550

Below are the alternative models and brands to B550.

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After a review of Chamberlain B550 one can conclude that the model is a basic one and does satisfy the consumer with the pricing of the device. It does lack premium features but still it is worth a buy. The device is decent enough to pull large garage doors with help of extension kits available in the market.

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The B550 garage door is wifi enabled and with the help of a smartphone the device can be controlled from anywhere. With help of the home network the device is connected via the wifi provided in the device by which it is operated within the premises. Also the device is secured with help of safety sensors.

With decent enough features provided by Chamberlain B550 is right at the top in the mid-range segment and can compete with the likes of Genie and LiftMaster devices.

The device does have few drawbacks like absence of battery back-up, timer to close, lights turning on when the user enters the garage etc. Nevertheless B550 is bold enough to pack a punch and the consumers do prefer when it comes to purchasing basic models of garage door openers.

The device is provided with battery back-up which is another important feature provided by Chamberlain to its customers. Along with battery back-up, timer to close facility and lights turning on facility is also included in this garage door opener.  

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