Best smart wifi garage door openers

Few years back people used to purchase garage door openers which needed to be opened/closed manually and this had led to stress to the consumers. Also if by chance the user had misplaced the garage keys, it would add a lot of woes to the consumer in order to enter the garage. Now a days there are the best smart wifi garage door openers to tackle this. Check the Best selling garage door openers at amazon.

As years passed by and with advent of the internet, companies started to build smart garage door openers that would automate the complete process of opening. 

With the connected world today every device is connected to the internet via wifi and garage doors are no less. A smart garage door can open/close the garage door with the help of a smartphone with just a click.

Other benefits are like suppose the user has forgotten to close the door, he/she can relax and still close the door with the click of a button from the smartphone using various mobile apps provided by the company.

Each garage door opener is unique and offers something for the consumers to choose from. Today we are going to review about the top 5 smart wifi garage door openers in detail so that it makes it comfortable to the user as to which model would suit them the most accordingly.

There are a lot of the top rated garage door opener brands in market producing smart ones by using Wi-Fi that will definitely fit with your needs. Read below smart garage door openers reviews which are sophisticated and worth to buy products.

Check below brands of garage openers.

Best smart wifi garage door openers


Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B750

Chamberlain B970 is one of the most recognized products in the market and is accepted worldwide. The garage door opener has many good features which the consumer can bank upon and trust the same. Check all reviews of chamberlain garage door opener brands.

B970 is a smart garage door opener with wifi option along with battery back up. It is a belt driven device which is very quiet while in operation. 

Also the garage door opens quickly so that the customer need not wait for a longer duration to get into the living premises. The product is highly secured with safety sensors that would detect even the slightest of movements when the door is in operative mode. One of the best garage door openers available in the market to grab and own them in a perfect way.

  • Not Wifi enabled
  • ¾ HP powered motor
  • No battery backup
  • Well priced


Chamberlain B750

Chamberlain B750

Chamberlain B750 is also a fast moving product developed in the mid range segment and is well received by the consumers. This garage door opener is without a battery backup which is one of the big drawbacks it carries along.

The wifi option is quite good which has a very good range and helps in opening/closing the garage door opener within the specified range. 

The product is also a belt driven device which is very smooth in operation. The device is safe and secured with high recognizing sensors which catches the movements when the door is in closing mode and stops functioning and rolls back instantly. It is also priced within purchasing power of the customers and is recommended by most users of the device.

  • Wifi enabled
  • ¾ HP
  • No battery backup


LiftMaster 8500W

Chamberlain B750

As the name suggests LiftMaster 8500W is a heavy duty garage door opener that can lift high capacity garage door openers within minutes. The garage door is a wifi operated garage door opener and is included with battery backup as well. Check all reviews of liftmaster garage door opener brands.

The garage door opener is a wall mounted one which reduces the ceiling space and frees up the space for other electronic gadgets to be fitted. It has a good lifting capacity coupled with great features which the consumers would generally look for. 

One thing is that the garage door opener is expensive and generally caters to premium segment customers. Hence if users are ready to shell out for a great product then no doubt is the device to go for.

  • Wall mountable
  • Good warranty
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Highly priced


Genie Stealthdrive 750 plus

Chamberlain B750

Genie as a garage door opener company has reached greater heights and is also one of the rivals to LiftMaster and Chamberlain in the field of garage door openers.

Genie Stealthdrive 750 plus is an improvised version of 750 opener where the 750 plus is provided with in-built wifi along with battery backup feature. 

750 plus is a handsome device with hi-tech used in the device like rolling code technology which is sent each and every time the garage door is opened/closed. This ensures security of the premises as well. 

The product also is equipped with a vacation lock which ensures that the consumer can be rest assured that during their absence the garage door opener would be secured without much untoward movement around the garage.

  • ¾ HP powered motor
  • No battery backup
  • Well priced


Chamberlain B1381

Chamberlain B750

The B1381 is a very premium garage door opener offered by Chamberlain. It is fitted with corner to corner LED lights which would illuminate and brighten the garage door opener in every nook and corner. This garage door opener is also provided with a battery backup and wifi option. 

Choosing the Best Belt driven garage door openers are mostly preferred in today’s fast moving world. Consumers of today prefer very quiet garage door openers and hence go for belt driven systems.

Priced very high is a drawback but it has the features which it can boast of even though it comes at a cost. It has some stunning features which most rival companies do not possess. A great product built by Chamberlain is the word here.

  • LED lightning
  • Wifi enabled
  • Highly priced
  • Good warranty

Smart garage door opener Buyers Guide

What is smart garage door opener?

A smart garage door opener is built in wifi opener which can be accessed via a smartphone controlled device. The smart device is operated via an app provided by the company from which one procures the garage door opener. With the app installed in the smartphone one can operate the garage door opener.

Smart in the sense means operating smartly without much of a human interaction. Previously a garage door opener would be required to operate manually where the user had to get down from the vehicle and open/close the garage door with help of keys.

With the advent of smart garage door openers users would not need to carry the keys and just with a click of a button the garage door would open in a faster way.

Suppose the keys had been misplaced in those days it would have been very difficult to open/close the garage door. But with smart garage door openers consumers can relax and enjoy their sip of coffee with ease.

Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Opener

There are numerous benefits with smart garage door openers. One can judge that previously the garage door opener had to be operated manually, but with the advent of built-in wifi, the operation is made automatic with just a click of a button from the smartphone and an app.

With the smart garage door openers, suppose the consumer had forgotten to close the garage door, then also it can be closed with the wifi enabled smart device which in itself is a great feature. Also one can keep an eye on their garage door opener with cameras fitted and linked to their smartphone.

Suppose the kids have forgotten the keys or misplaced them, then also one can enter the garage with help of the smartphone. This is one of the most efficient benefits of a smart garage door opener. With built-in wifi users have the power to operate the garage door like a computer which does different functions with just a click.

Similarly smart garage openers perform numerous functions as well. In today’s fast moving era when users prefer most devices to reduce the workload, garage door opener is one of them which stands up to the real meaning of smart garage door.

Also one should look for best quiet garage door openers and also easy to install with help of manuals as well. Some companies may offer free services upto a limited time period as well which is an advantage for the consumer.

How to choose the Best wifi garage door opener?

This part is the most intriguing of the article as it defines what should be considered while purchasing a wifi garage door opener for their premises.

Below are the important things to consider while buying the best wireless garage door opener for your home garage.

  • How much weight can it afford to lift?
  • How many hours can the battery backup sustain in case there is a long power outage
  • The price of the device varies from company to company and should be verified as well.
  • Extra features if any provided by the company.
  • Whether any installation charges are to be paid separately to the professional if requested by the consumer to install the garage opener?
  • After service of the product.
  • The lights offered by the garage door opener company and how bright can it make the garage door opener on entering.

Many users are confused as to which wireless garage door opener would be suitable to them as there are many products available in the market. Let’s deep dive into the parameters.

  • For any garage door opener the basic criteria would be that it should be quiet while in operation and easy to install with help of manuals as well
  • One should also watch that the garage door opener is not too slow to open/close as it may annoy the people to keep them waiting for a longer duration.

Types of Drive

  • Garage door openers are available in different forms such as belt drive, screw drive, chain drive. It is always better to procure belt drive garage door openers as they are mostly quiet in operation.
  • Belt drive garage door openers are faster in operation as well and the belt lasts longer than people expect it to be worn down sooner.
  • One should also keep an eye on the motor capacity of the device.

Smart garage door opener control using Apps

  • Built-in wifi garage door openers should be compatible with 3rd party softwares like MyQ App, Aladdin Connect app etc. as well which is required to be fulfilled by the company.
  • The garage door opener app should be available in both android and IOS stores.
  • The garage door opener should be able to work on heavy duty garage doors as people prefer to fit heavy duty garage doors for extra safety.


  • The durability of the garage door opener is also an important factor which should be kept in mind while purchasing the perfect garage door opener.

Safety and security

  • One of the most important features are safety and security of the garage door opener should also be considered simultaneously.
  • Many garage door openers provide hi-tech features which should be verified before purchase.

Battery backup

  • Few garage door openers lack battery backup and should be checked if separate batteries can be added along if required.


  • Remote controls, keyless entry pads and other accessories should be provided by the company.

Garage Door size

  • The garage door size that the garage door opener can handle should also be considered.

As mentioned above there are various parameters which one needs to look for before purchasing the right garage door opener for themselves. Every parameter is to be looked after and thorough attention is to be given when purchasing the product is my advice.

 ( FAQ ) on smart garage door opener

In this section we are covering basic frequently asked questions about garage door opening system. This will give clarity to take proper decision to buy the best type garage door opener for your garage.

Can I make my garage door opener smart?

Yes. You can make your existing garage door opener into smart by using Chamberlain's Hub. Your Smart garage door opener will have all features of controlling and monitoring from mobile, Ipad etc by using MyQ app.

Do not worry even you do not have liftmaster or chamberlain brands. You can turn into smart garage door opener by using Garage Hub. Check below video explaining "Convert any garage door opener into smart for $5".

What are the Apps available for controlling smart door opener?

The popular smart garage door opener apps are MyQ and Aladdin Connect.

You can use MyQ with chamberlain, liftmaster brand garage door openers. Similarly Aladdin Connect app can be used with Genie brand openers.

Is MyQ app compatible with other home automation systems?

MyQ app is a very powerful app and is easily compatible with other systems like google assistant, Alexa, Wink, IFTTT etc. This is really good as today many systems are coming up and it makes sense for the garage door openers to make their app compatible with such systems.

How to install and setup smart garage door opener using MyQ?

Check below video explaining assembly and installation. Also check guide To Install Garage Door Opener Yourself.


From the above article one can understand the importance of modern day smart garage door openers and it should be highlighted to the consumers.

Today the world is moving to a fast paced connected devices theory which would perform their day to day tasks in a jiffy. Similarly wireless garage door openers can also perform various activities with help of in built wifi options and battery backup features. Check the Best selling smart garage door openers at amazon.

It becomes important to impart the necessary knowledge to the consumer as to which garage door opener is best suited to them and how one should choose the perfect smart garage door opener.

For few people security and safety plays a major role and garage door openers are basically to secure your garage so that one can live happily without much stress. 

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