10 Best garage door openers in 2020-Top rated Brands

Garage door openers are a functional invention which are being used all over in the world. People contemplate on the best garage door opener for their home. Whether the home is built for many years or has to be constructed yet, one has to compare different garage door openers in order to select the top garage door opening system brands for their home. Check the Best selling garage door openers at amazon.

 After testing number of models for 106 hours, we have shortlisted top 10 garage door openers worth to buy.

The most common features and specifications of modern garage openers comprise of belt drive, high capacity motor, strong product body and equipped with all the essential accessories for do-it-yourself installation, security lights, remote control, highly proficient control panels, etc.

As this garage opening system is not for just opening and closing the garage doors, they are a complete security system for your home, family and pets.

There are a lot of garage door opener brands in market out there producing loads of different models and one or more of them will definitely fit with your needs.

Some of popular brands of garage door openers are:

best garage door opener brands

 But in order to make that right choice and to get the ideal item for your particular case you need to do some research and look for and read reviews of all models for that particular piece of technology. Check comparison of Liftmaster vs chamberlain myq vs genie garage door openers.

Do not worry, we have simplified your work of researching top models of each brand and written reviews with pros and cons.

Scroll down to read buyers guide, if you want more information to know which is the right garage door opening system for you.


Chamberlain B750

Chamberlain B750

The Chamberlain B750 is a belt drive smartphone controlled wifi garage door opener which can be connected to home wifi networks. This way the user can access the garage door opener even in their absence and keep a close watch on whose entering and exiting the garage door.

This device is provided without battery backup which is a disadvantage as when there is a power outage, the battery backup can be employed to operate the garage door. B750 is fitted with ¾ HP motor which is powerful enough to pull large garage doors. The device is silent and does not make much noise while in operation.

It is affordable by consumers and does pack a punch with its rivals in the same segment. The device comes with lifetime warranty for belt and motor and 5 years warranty for the parts. It’s not compatible with home link car systems.

  • Wifi enabled
  • ¾ HP
  • No battery backup


Genie Silentmax 750

Chamberlain B750

Genie silentmax 750 is a belt drive garage door opener with ¾ HP powered motor. It’s the best ultra quiet garage door opener with steel reinforced belt provided. It has a wireless keypad and is not wifi enabled device. 

Consumers can purchase wifi enabled device separately if they intent to but is not provided along with the device. Silentmax 750 is without battery backup facility and is compatible with homelink car systems as well.

It has a limited lifetime motor warranty and is reasonably priced. A good product provided by Genie and would recommend to try it out.

  • Not Wifi enabled
  • ¾ HP powered motor
  • No battery backup
  • Well priced


Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B750

The Chamberlain B970 is an updated version of B750 device where the device is fitted with battery backup and is also a belt driven garage door which is ultra-quiet. The device is also powered by 1-1/4 HP motor to pull heavy garage doors. 

This garage door is useful for living spaces only. B970 is provided with wifi and can be controlled in the absence of the owner provided the garage door is connected to the home wifi network. 

With the battery backup provided the device is a complete product for the consumers but with a marginally increased price tag than its predecessor B750. Warranty is lifetime for motor and belt with 5 years warranty provided for the motor parts.

  • Not Wifi enabled
  • ¾ HP powered motor
  • No battery backup
  • Well priced


Chamberlain B550

Chamberlain B750

Chamberlain B550 garage door opener is powered with ½ HP power motor with built in wifi which can be connected to the home network and can be accessed via the smartphone. 

There is no battery backup provided which is a drawback to the consumers. Easy to install and is a quiet garage door belt drive opener.

The warranty of the device is like 15 years for the belt with motor warranty of up to 10 years and parts and accessories warranty up to 1 year. Timer to close and lights turn on when entering the garage features are also missing in this garage door opener.

  •  Wifi enabled
  • ½ HP
  • Timer to close not available
  • Reasonably priced


Genie 550

Chamberlain B750

Genie 550 is a medium range ½ HP belt drive garage door opener. It’s not a wifi enabled device and lacks battery backup too. It opens and closes easily and is quiet as well.

Easy to install and that’s one of the plus point of this door opener. It has a limited 10 year motor warranty and priced in the range equal to its rivals in the market.

The device is compatible with home link, Aladdin connect and Car2u car systems. Genie 550 does possess a sensor to alert changes within the garage opener to the consumers which is a good technology provided by the company.

  • Affordably priced
  • ½ HP powered motor
  • Compatible with most car systems

Read full review of Genie 550 here.


Chamberlain C450

Chamberlain B750

Chamberlain C450 is a chain drive garage door opener with built in wifi and is powered with ½ HP motor. Smartphone controlled device and easy to install for consumers.

The device is not provided with battery backup and lacks timer to close and lights turn on when entering garage feature. Such features are useful and provide weightage to the product purchased by the consumers. 

Warranty of Chamberlain C450 is provided with 1 year for parts and chain and 10 years for motor warranty. It’s one of the popular chain drive devices in the market and is reasonably priced too.

  • Chain Drive
  • Wifi enabled
  • Reasonably priced
  • Decent warranty


Chamberlain B1381

Chamberlain B750

Chamberlain B1381 is one of the most powerful belt drive garage door openers available in the market with advanced features like corner to corner LED lightning that can illuminate every nook and corner of the garage with 1-1/4 HP powered motor.

Wifi enabled and smartphone controlled device with battery backup available along with the device. Timer to close and lights turned on when entering garage feature is also available.

High class device with high priced as it is packed with great features. Belt and Motor warranty is for lifetime and parts warranty is for 5 years provided by the company.

  • LED lightning
  • Wifi enabled
  • Highly priced
  • Good warranty


LiftMaster 8500

Chamberlain B750

Liftmaster 8500 is a wall mounted garage door opener which reduces noise and vibration and also frees up the ceiling space of the garage. Very quiet device and easily install-able with help of manual provided along with the device.

The device is provided with automatic garage door lock which locks the door after closing using deadbolts. It has safety sensors which stops the door from closing when there are any obstructions observed. It’s not a smartphone controlled device and is provided with timer to close facility.

When one enters the garage the lights are turned on automatically which is a brilliant feature provided. The warranty of the device is as with lifetime durability of the motor and parts warranty up to a period of 5 years. It is priced on the higher side as well.

  • Wall mountable
  • Good warranty
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Highly priced

How to choose Best garage door opener?

Whenever you’re looking to purchase any kind of electric, electronic or appliance-type device it is extremely important to know what exactly to look for. This principle should be applied when purchasing anything from a new refrigerator, microwave oven and why not a new garage door opener.

With the advent of the Internet you can find all sorts of information freely available at your fingertips and all you have to do is to take the time and do a bit of research and a lot of reading so that you can make an informed decision as to which model and make garage door opener will work best for you.

Things to consider while buying Best rated garage door opener

In order for you to know what to look for you’ll have to know what you have, meaning that garage doors come in all widths and heights and their weight can vary significantly as well.

These are all crucial factors which you have to take into consideration when looking for garage door openers and as such they are the important things which should be mentioned in any review. 

  • The garage door opener must be quiet and should not produce any noise while the door is being opened or closed.
  • The door opener must not be too slow to open or close the door that the user has to wait for long before going out or coming in the garage.
  • The product should be able to handle the pressure of heavy doors, especially the garage ones which have to be secured by these openers through high technology safety programming. The standard size of the door for which these openers are installed is 7 feet.
  • Chain drive openers must not be there as they get rusted. Rather, belt drive openers should be there in the product.
  • Among the three types of garage door openers, the average costing openers are screw-drive openers. They are average in noise and cost. The most costly ones are belt drivers and the most inexpensive ones are chain drive openers.
  • Another important factor that the buyer must keep in mind is the safety and security features. Most of the garage door openers have an added feature of displaying an invisible light beam which traces the passing of any unwanted objects in your home.
  • It gives alerts of any suspected danger. The code feature included in the product disallows any unwanted person to break in.
  • Remote control, battery and lights of the system must be verified before buying any garage door opener for the reason that the battery has to back up the system while it’s functioning at your home.
  • The lights can be used up to 100 watts bulbs so that there is no darkness in your garage when the door opener is working.
  • Keyless entry pads, warranty and the price are the most thought out elements of any garage door opener. The entry pads must be user friendly while the warranty should last up to 6 to 10 years.
  • Price varies from company to company but also depends on the door size requirements for the product.

Garage door size and weight

They are very important factors because they will let you know which type of garage door opener to go for; for instance heavier garage doors will need a more powerful motor than the basic un-insulated aluminium garage doors so this means that you might want to look for very sturdy garage door openers which feature ¾ HP motors.

On the other hand if you have relatively light garage doors then you can look for products made by other manufacturers.

If your garage door is taller than the average 7.5 feet, you are probably going to need an extension kit for your garage door opener, which will definitely cost you more.

Which type of Drive System is Best for a Wireless Garage Door Opener?

Not all garage door openers are created equal and there are three main types of drives which are available on the market: 

Let’s take a look at each and breakdown the advantages and disadvantages.

Types of garage door opener

  •  Chain drive
  •  Screw drive
  •  Belt drive
  •  Direct drive

Each of these variations coming with their own benefits and drawbacks.

But how do you know and what are the capabilities of every garage door opener if you do not take the time to get knowledgeable and read about them in reviews. The belt-driven garage door openers are best as they are ultra quiet. Read more about each drive system below.

Chain drive garage door opener

The basic electric garage door opener that comes to mind is the one based on a chain drive. Similar to a bicycle chain, this sort of drive will require periodic lubricating oil and will need adjustment as the gears and chain ages. Chain driven garage door openers produce a lot of noise though so this is something to be taken into consideration. Check Comparison of Belt vs chain vs screw drive garage door openers.

Belt drive garage door opener

For instance if you’re interested in a quiet model because there is an inhabited room right above or beside the garage, you’ll be interested only in belt-driven garage door openers since these are by far the least noisy of the lot.

Screw drive Opener

Screw driven garage door openers operates via threaded steel rod. They do not operate well in extreme temperature conditions. For instance if you are living in very cold climate, do not go for this type. It is moderately priced compared to chain and belt drive garage door opening systems. 

Direct-Drive Opener

A newer garage door system where the chain remains stationary, and the motor travel along it in order to move the garage door. These garage door openers are considered the most quiet on the market and come with the best warranty. They are slightly more expensive than other opener types.

Safety and security

If you’re looking for the best garage door opener for home, you should ensure that it has multiple safety features, which should include but not be limited to eye sensors and door-edge sensors.

These two features are of particular importance in preventing accidents, as, if the garage door were accidentally instructed to close with a person or object beneath it, it would immediately register the presence of an obstruction and half its closure, preventing damage to people or property.

Smart or Wireless garage door opener

One of the additional features you may want to take a look at when searching for the best garage door opener for your family is the possibility of wireless or WiFi, online activation of your garage door opening system. Now a days there are many smart garage door openers which operates by smart phone by using App like MyQ. 

This is especially convenient if your child or spouse has lost their remote and can’t get into the house. Back in the day, this would have required one of you to make the trek across town to fetch a remote – now, with a few clicks of your mouse, you can allow them instant access to your abode.

Battery Back up or Standby power

Standby power will enhance that if the power goes out you have another source that will make your door open. You will not have to wait until the power resumes. The work to be done continues without any time wastage.

Garage door opener price

It is always good to choose a garage door opener that suits your investment. You should buy that what you can manage. The cost of a new garage opener will depend on the manufacturer, style and the accessories.


Accessories are also important thing to consider which will give convenience to user.The following are accessories to be considered:

Garage door monitor – This device is very important especially to those people who forget easily. It alerts them when the door is open hence reminding the owner to lock.

Remote control – A mini remote control will be much useful. It should be in a size that can fit the pocket or in a purse. It will be easier to control the opening and closing of your garage door using this mini remote control. It is better than using keys which can easily be mastered and duplicated.

Frequently asked Questions ( FAQ )

In this section we are covering basic frequently asked questions about garage door opening system. This will give clarity to take proper decision to buy the right garage door opener for your garage.

How does Garage Door Opener Works ?

The electric garage door opener is fast and more effective. It works through power unit which hang from the ceiling. The end of the track on the opposite end of the power unit attaches to a header bracket which is attached above the garage door.

Limit switches on the power unit control the distance the garage door opens and closes once the motor receives a signal from the remote control.

How much motor capacity is required?

The selection of power matters a lot. For heavy doors, 3/4 horsepower is recommended while for garage doors for one car requires 1/2 horsepower. 

It would be able to lift decent sized doors as well. But with 1 ¼ HP which is a monster of a capacity it can do wonders and lift very to very heavy garage door openers. The price variation is not very substantial.

Can one install a garage door opener on their own?

For people who want to install the system on their own, they have an advantage if the system is installed correctly. When someone buys a retail garage door opener and then pays separately for the installation, it would cost higher.

Another element that must be taken care of while installing the garage door opener is that the door must be balanced and safe. The garage door size matters a lot and if the proper measurement of the door is not taken care of then the system installed would not work at all.

Can you program garage opener yourself?

Yes. You can program remote yourself. Although you will get pre programmed remotes if you buy a new garage door opener. How to program chamberlain garage door opener? 

How to install a garage door opener?

Check below video explaining assembly and installation. Also check guide To Install Garage Door Opener Yourself.


After going through the benefits of the garage door opener, it is well seen that it is an important mechanism that keeps a garage safe and the owner becomes stress-free. Check the Best selling garage door openers at amazon.

It is important to enlighten those who don’t know the importance of modern and well-developed garage door openers so that they can also join those who enjoy controlling their garage doors without much struggle. By doing this, most people will be free from every now and then repair due to theft.

So, if you own a car and a new garage then the security concerns you at the most. Then what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate. Bring home the top rated garage door opener that provides maximum security and benefit.

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